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Clinical Care Provider.

Clinical care refers to more complex care services, these may include services such as continence care, stoma care and bowel management services.

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ClinicalHome Care

At Virtus, our company was founded and specialized in providing more complex types of care, so through our rigid in-house training, our expertly trained carers can handle the more complex types of care no matter your needs.

Continence Care

The main type of clinical care we provide is continence care, we work with the local district nurses and doctors to formulate a care plan that will leave you happy and comfortable. Some of the continence care tasks and techniques our care staff are trained to provide include:

Medication management
Incontinence assistance
Bladder retraining
Toileting assistance
Catheter assistance
Urinary tract infection management and treatment

At Virtus our carers are trained to assist in a flexible manner, we have experience in helping adults and elderly, but also people who are disabled or had an accident who need aid in continence care. All of our care plans are person centred and tailored to the individuals needs and requirements, so if there is something you need assistance with feel free to contact us, and we will adapt to your needs.

Catheter care

At Virtus we are experienced in managing catheter care – a catheter is a tube in the bladder that allows urine to collect into a drainage bag. The issues that may lead to a catheter being inserted can include problems going to the toilet, urinary tract infections, medications and general problems getting to the toilet that may be caused by other health conditions. The staff at Virtus are experienced with managing both urethral catheters and suprapubic catheters.

Bowel management

At Virtus we understand that independence and dignity are key aspects when care is needed for more intimate care plans. Bowel incontinence is something many elderly people may experience at some point but is also an issue many people feel like they should not talk about or may be reluctant to ask for help. At Virtus we are expects in dealing with bowel incontinence and are here to reassure you or your loved one that bowel management or incontinence is very normal and a common care service we provide.

Our care givers are highly trained and compassionate who will make it very easy for you and your loved ones who may be struggling with incontinence issues. We provide stoma care in the comfort of your own home and even support customers who have a colostomy, ileostomy and can perform these procedures.

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My Carer with Virtus was a live-in carer, she provided me with everything I needed to be comfortable in my own home, since I am now immobile, the carer helped me with all of my household tasks and even helped me look after my pet. She was always happy and I’m glad to say I see her now as family rather than just a care assistant.

Angela A - Service user

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Virtus Care is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission which is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. As quoted in our CQC report: A person using the service told us, "I have the best carers in Britain. They know how to deal with my mental health issues, they support me, they calm me down."