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Domiciliary care

Domiciliary Care is our care service provided to you in the comfort of your own home.
Whether it's helping you with your daily tasks and personal care or supporting you with your daily routines and hobbies. Our carers will make sure you continue living the lifestyle you want in your own home.

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Domiciliary Home Care

Most people live independently in their own homes. However, if you are frail or have long term care needs, this can be difficult without the help and support of other people and services. Help with personal care and other practical household tasks is called Domiciliary Care.

Virtus Care provides all types of Domiciliary Care and are experts in making sure all care needs are taken care of in the comfort of your own home, call us today to find out more about our domiciliary care services and we can book an assessment to provide you a care giver who matches your specific needs, or even to just find out more information about our services.

Virtus Care take great pride in providing excellent local care around Kensington and surrounding London boroughs, as we believe social care should be more about providing our LOCAL communities and families with an excellent service rather than being another corporate face. By focusing on our local London community we are able to provide excellent care from local caregivers who live near to you, whilst also being able to focus on quality, which is why we are fully licensed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission and ran by experienced registered care managers who all operate within the local communities where we provide care.

Domiciliary care puts families back in control of the care they receive, as families can opt for hourly care, multiple times a day, a week or even overnight care and one to one personal care daily. Virtus Cares Domiciliary care service is scheduled around the family’s needs and requests which allows us to provide the easiest care service for local families looking for a reliable care agency.  

what it involves

Domiciliary care is a service that is provided for people who wish to remain living in the safety of their own homes but also need additional support with personal care, help around the house, activities and general care – this allows the people who receive the care to continue living the way they want, allowing independence, comfort and maintain the quality of life they have. Virtus Care givers help support people in a wide variety of areas in their daily routines within their own homes and will even assist busy families and guardians to ensure the best possible care is being provided hassle-free. Regular visits from our care workers from 1 hour a day through to 24/7 care for more complex situations can be provided. Some of the care tasks we provide include:

Continence and personal care

 Clinical care

 Household tasks such as meal preparation, cleaning, shopping and more.

Managing medications including complex medication.

Aiding in mobilization in and out of the home, ensuring you get to keep your active lifestyle.

Importantly, here at Virtus Care and in line with our family-based approach, we recognize how domiciliary care is often a means for companionship. We understand the importance of seeing familiar faces regularly which allows families to remain comfortable and bring an important feeling of safety and friendship into their homes. This is why we assess every home individually in order to find you a carer in our local area that is not only trained in the physical aspects of care, but also trained or naturally able to provide emotional support, companionship and reassurance to our clients.


What is Domiciliary Care?

Domiciliary care is for those who would rather stay in the comfort and safety of their own home, rather than a care home or other supported living. The domiciliary care we provide is accessible for all ages and anyone who needs that extra support. Virtus Care works closely with local Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster and many other boroughs hospitals, GPs, District and clinical nurses, who work closely with our registered local managers and care givers in order to provide medical support such as Catheter and stoma management and PEG feeding as well as ensuring we are able to provide any other unique care requirements within the comfort of your own home. This means services such as Disability care, Dementia care and Companionship care are all expertly provided by Virtus Care.

How does Virtus Care’s Domiciliary Care work?

Virtus Care understands the stress and hassle looking for a care agency can be. So we try to make our home care accessibility as simple as possible. Once you have contacted us, we will book an assessment with you or your family within your home in order to create a unique and personally tailored care plan. You will also meet your own carer who will understand the nuances of you or your loved ones needs in order to support you fully and make sure everyone is on the same page and comfortable with the care being provided.All existing routines will be taken into account, whether that’s schedules you have, hobbies, activities, medication schedules, or nightly routines during overnight care or 24 hour care - our care staff are flexible and will assist you in whatever is important to you. If for some reason you need change, the benefit of being a local business means we have local carers so we can try to be as flexible as you like when it comes to your carers.

Domiciliary Care or a care home?

The benefits of domiciliary care over care homes are vast.Whilst Care homes can provide the care you or your loved ones require, it is often overlooked how important it is for a family to stay together in the comfort of their own home. And services within Domiciliary care such as personal care, clinical care, companionship, and household tasks allow for that in-home care to be able to operate as comfortably and safely as usual. Another great benefit of Domiciliary Care is that it provides all the support you or your loved ones need without taking away anything from you or your loved one’s independence.This combined with our flexible domiciliary care plans means the usual routines, occasions, and schedules you have in your local community will be minimally affected. 

How much does Domiciliary Care cost?

When choosing Virtus Care, you are choosing a Care agency that is fully managed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. We genuinely believe that Domiciliary Care should be a service that is simple, accessible, and excellent for our local area and community. Being a local company driven by our community we can make it clear that there are no set up fees, no agency fees and no hidden costs. The benefit of Virtus Care operating within the local inner London area is that costs that are often associated with long travel are not as big of a factor, making our care services both affordable and excellent. The prices for all our Care services are very dependent on the care needs for each unique individual, so please get in touch so we can speak and create a tailored price for your individual circumstances. We are very clear about all prices when you contact us and can even give you more information about funding options that may be available to you through your local authority or continuing healthcare (CHC) funding.

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My Carer with Virtus was a live-in carer, she provided me with everything I needed to be comfortable in my own home, since I am now immobile, the carer helped me with all of my household tasks and even helped me look after my pet. She was always happy and I’m glad to say I see her now as family rather than just a care assistant.

Angela A - Service user

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